If you are client, team leader or project manager working with big team of developer and other you have to give different level of access for Apple developer account to each member to maintain security and hierarchy of tasks.

This tutorial is mainly focused on how to add people (team member) in apple developer account, how to give them access and what Privileges assigned to each membership level.

If you have an organization membership (not an individual membership) in the Apple Developer Program, you can add people to your team and assign them roles, thereby granting them levels of access to team assets.

Team members have roles and privileges that pertain to the development and distribution process. These roles define who is allowed to enable certain app services, who is allowed to create identifiers, who is allowed to create distribution assets, and so on. After adding team members, you may be responsible for performing other tasks on their behalf. For example, you may need to enable capabilities for the App ID and create client SSL certificates for APNs, Pass Type IDs, and iCloud containers.

Privileges assigned to each membership level
Privilege Team agent Team admin Team member
Accept legal agreements ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png
Renew membership ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png
Create Developer ID certificates ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png
Invite members and assign roles ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png
Create distribution certificates ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png
Register, configure and delete App IDs ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png
Create distribution provisioning profiles ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png
Create other app service identifiers ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png
Register devices for development ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png
Create development provisioning profiles ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/x_2x.png
Create development certificates ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/checkmark_2x.png
In Xcode, create a wildcard App ID and team provisioning profile ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/checkmark_2x.png ../Art/checkmark_2x.png