If you are trying to access remote mac using windows machine just follow following steps

Steps on Mac machine

Step 1:

Click on “Apple” icon and select “System Preferences”

Mac system preferences

Click on “Sharing” icon

Mac Sharing

Step 2:

Click the “Screen Sharing” check box, Note down the IP address as in below screen shot “” your IP address may be different. Click on “Computer Settings” button as shown below.

Enable screen sharing on mac

Check the “VNC viewer…” check box,  enter a password for it and click “OK” button (you will enter this password when try to access Mac from PC).

Steps on Windows machine

Step 3:

Download this TightVNC for Windows on your PC (Download a stable version.)

Step 4:

Install TightVNC, during installation wizard only select “TighVNC Viewer” on “Select Components” screen. Don’t install the TightVNC Server, we don’t need that.

TightVNC setup

Step 5:

Run TightVNC and enter the IP address of Mac computer (noted in step-2) and hit “Connect” button (Explore the “Options” button).

TightVNC connection

Enter password that you setup on Mac in step-2 and hit “OK” button

VNC Authentication

You are done! you have remotely accessed Mac from PC.

Remotely access Mac on PC


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